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Re: MC Slave and the gang

michael mulholland wrote:
> >a neat trick i have found is not to use sandpaper to hone out the bores,
> hmmm did i say that???  but instead use red scotchbright which is available

Yes, and as as a matter of fact you said it to ME.  I thought you were kidding anyhow :-).  Who would use 
SANDPAPER to hone the bore of a clutch cylinder?  Title of the movie is: Ernest Goes to Germany...and Gets 
Beaten Senseless in an Audi Plant.  (well, alright, maybe the really super-fine paint-polishing sandpaper).

> at auto paint supply houses. [Ah-Ha!] its really effective for that job and also for
> the crud that collects on corroded bike seat posts etc.
> mike

Best Wishes,


BTW, I'll be PC and tell you that the <unbelievably> hilarious title of this message could also be construed as 
extremely offensive to anybody who was involved in the original "Celebrate Good Times...!" song, or Black 
people in general.

Considering the rebuild advice and the title, I have to ask...are you an abrasive person? :-)