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Re: None

Glen Powell wrote:

> 2)  I have a bubble in the sidewall of the left rear tire.  Should I change before Lime Rock and if so, shpuld I make sure that the other rear 
tire matches sin
> REPLACE THAT TIRE!  Tires are cheap, armco & concrete are hard and body/paint work is expensive.....
>  I would not worry about 'matching' unless you are going to go so far as to ensure that all 4 match. (I do)
> -glen
> See ya in my pearle 93 s4 w/ NY plates
> - Nick

Ditto Glen.  As the guy in Johnny Dangerously said, "Once my dad and I 
thought we could make from NJ to MA through the Cross-Bronx Expressway 
with a bubble in a sidewall.  Once!"  

<no Audi content>

BTW, since you have NY plates, the CBE gets my vote as the scariest 
non-racetrack place in the Universe to have a blowout or mechanical 
problem.  That five-mile stretch is a no-man's land. I think they've 
repaved it, but for a while, the roadway resembled one of Saddam's 
runways during Desert Srorm, complete with the burned-out shells of dead 
vehicles. There are signs on the road every few hundred yards that say 
something like "no stopping except for emergency vehicles" because local 
banditos hover like vultures to pick disabled cars clean there.  

Once a friend of my Dad's got shanghaied there.  A few minutes after 
pulling over, some unsavory dudes in a van roll up and jump out. He was 
under the hood with a flashlight, and they politely inform him, "Don't 
worry man, you can have the motor -- WE JUST WANT THE BATTERY!!".  He 
informed them that it was "HIS CAR!" and they graciously moved on.  Hope 
you have a cell phone and a BFG-9000 (wide-area mass destruction weapon 
from the game DOOM) if you ever get stuck there :-). 

Best Wishes,