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Re: quattro-digest V3 #789

In the late ''70s I installed an inside antenna on my Porsche 911S that 
basically ran from the top to the bottom of the windshield, behind the
mirror.  Reception was excellent, and I had several truckers wondering who
that was trying to contact them.  When it died after about 5 years, I tried
finding a replacement, but never could.

I have since gone to the glass-mounts on both my Coupe Quattro and 
Porsche 993; they aren't much longer than a cell-phone antenna.  I
have heard about adapters that use a regular radio antenna, but would
be cautious about doing this on a roof-mount FUBA since they have 
an amplifier as part of  the circuit.

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro

In a message dated 96-07-29 11:39:50 EDT, you write:

<< rom: treilley_at_BANKMARK@conseco.com (treilley)
 Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 10:15:39 -0500
 Subject: Antenna FM/CB
      I would like to install a CB in my Audi.  However, I don't want a big 
      ugly whip antenna on my car.  Does anyone know of a CB antenna that is 
      hidden?  Or is there a converter to allow the Fuba antenna to work as 
      a CB antenna?  
      This is basically for car-to-car communications.  A cell phone is 
      really not an option.  I drive in an area where if you leave it on, 
      someone steals your freq and makes $10,000 worth of calls to the 
      Dominican Republic!  I already own 2 CBs from my racing days and 
      figure it is a good cheap solution.
      Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire