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Re: RE: silicone brake fluid

I have to go along with the recommendation of NOT using silicone fluid
in cars that presently have DOT fluid.  You might feel it is inert, but it
will not mix with the standard fluid.  Besides this, it is somewhat 
compressible. I have read several articles in the Porsche Club magazine
about not being able to get rid of a spongy pedal feel after switching
to silicone.  Recommendation is that silicone should NOT be used
for street cars; it is better recommended for show cars that get stored
for long periods of time; then the silicone reduces the damage caused
by hygroscopic action (absorption of water in the fluid).

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)

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<< From: John Cooper <Jacques.Noir>
 Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 09:33:18 -0600
 Subject: Re: Silicone brake fluid
 At 03:59 07/27/96 +0000, you wrote:
 >Mike wrote:
 >I thought I had seen something a while back about using silicone brake
 >fluid. However, searching the archives, I could find nothing. Is it ok
 >to use Silicone brake fluid in a 91 200 Q or will it damage the ABS?
 >>From what I understand, DO NOT USE DOT 5 (SILICONE) BRAKE FLUID IN AUDI
 >BRAKE SYSTEMS!!!!  (Sorry to shout but this is extremely important.)  Dot 5
 >WILL damage critical seals within the system over time and you WILL be
 >replacing the master/slave cylinder, not to mention some extremely
 >high-dollar ABS component. ONLY use DOT 4 unless otherwise specified.
 >your owner's guide.
 Please be more specific.  Silicone brake fluid is used in many and is
 compatible with many brakes systems.  What do you mean that some seals will
 get damaged?  Silicone is NOT a mineral based fluid, as it sounds like you
 might think.  Silicone Dot 5 fluid is about as inert as you can get.  If you
 have more specific information as to what will happen, I would be very
 interested to know, and what specific materials used in automotive braking
 systems it affects. Thanks,
 >1988 90 >>