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RE: Mann Oil Filters...

Given that I've blown two motors over the years due to filter failure,

Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe Quattro 20v, Red/Black

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>Sent: 	Monday, 29 July, 1996 11:56 PM
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>Subject: 	Mann Oil Filters...
>Hi everyone,
>I just ordered a couple of Mann oil filters for my CoupeQ from a
>list-recommended vendor, and he sent me these really *heavy* filters
>looked like they had been sprayed with black primer, then the Audi
>was spray stenciled on it. This is different as compared to the OEM,
>has a glossy, higher quality paint job.
>Another note: The backup valve in the center is definitely *not* the
>same as
>OEM, and I'm hesitant to use them - I'm considering sending them back.
>Anyone have any insight on what's going on?
>Dorab (nivi@aol.com)
>1993 S4
>1990 CoupeQ
>1986 Chevy Caprice