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Re: Mann Oil Filters...

Hairy green toads from Mars made Nivi@aol.com say:

> Hi everyone,
> I just ordered a couple of Mann oil filters for my CoupeQ from a
> list-recommended vendor, and he sent me these really *heavy* filters that
> looked like they had been sprayed with black primer, then the Audi printing
> was spray stenciled on it. This is different as compared to the OEM, which
> has a glossy, higher quality paint job.
> Another note: The backup valve in the center is definitely *not* the same as
> OEM, and I'm hesitant to use them - I'm considering sending them back.

Well, Mann and Mahle are completely interchangeable. I get them both
randomly from my local import parts store. I've found them to be
almost indistinguishable in the package.  If yours don't look right,
then it isn't that Mann's are bad, but maybe that these are counterfeit?

I'm not sure whether Manns are supposed to have Audi printing on them.
This could be a clue. I'll take a look under my car today.


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