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RE: 200 qw front pads update

They were only on the V8s (90? and 91) and on the 91 200q models.

The idea is to have more swept area without going to a bigger wheel
and/or lower side wall. As mentioned, check the archives for the full
story. They look a little like UFOs with the plate covering the brakes
towards the outside.
- peter

>From: 	Trisha Bethen[SMTP:trishab@mv.mv.com]
>Sent: 	Tuesday, July 30, 1996 5:55 AM
>To: 	Alex Kowalski
>Cc: 	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
>Subject: 	Re: 200 qw front pads update
>On Thu, 16 May 1996, Alex Kowalski wrote:
>> Trisha Bethen wrote:
>> > Pardon my ignorance.....what does UFO stand for?  ....blame 
>> > Clinton-baby and his cronies for that one.
>> Trish, the brakes that you are blaming Bill Clinton for being too expensive
>>are something a little different 
>> than your Mustang's.  They are internal-caliper brakes.  The caliper is on
>>the inside, the rotor on the 
>> outside (it's in the archive).  It is a special design tried by Audi on
>>some of its high-performance cars that 
>> has had a spotty track-record and has been very expensive for some of this
>>list's contributors.  Theoretically 
>> it was supposed to work much better, but in practice it often hasn't.  I
>>don't think the President had much to 
>> do with this particular problem. 
>> Best Wishes,
>> Alex Kowalski
>> '84 4KQ
>Were these on all 84 4KQ's?  My son's Q does not have them.....