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RE: Which one is better ?

Preface: I don't like automatics, no matter how many speeds and how

That said, the V6 may be a better match with an automatic as it's got
more torque and power so the relative loss should be less.

The 1.8 is infinitely more modifiable though - the V6 is pretty much
maxed out in it's current design. You can get a little more out of it
with a throttlebody modification (this is the US 2.8 engine, the UK 2.4
may be different), but I've heard from several sources that that's about
it. The 1.8 turbo can be made to put out up around 300hp - just depends
on the amount of money you want to spend. That and the price difference
would make me choose the 1.8 and spend some of the $8,000 on

I can't see from your address where in the world you are (which brings
up the usual request: please put your location in your signature), but
if you're in NZ or Australia, there are some nice MTM modified 1.8s for
sale with factory warranty from the dealer :-) Oh, to have those here...

Good luck.
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa, usa

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>Sent: 	Tuesday, July 30, 1996 10:08 AM
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>Subject: 	Which one is better ?
>                        Hello
>             We are going to buy the A4 ,but the problem is what model is
>more appropriate.
>             1.8 4-speed automatic  or V6 2.4 5-speed automatic ? The price
>differrence is $8,000.
>                        The V6 has leather seats and the checking system
>which shows "OK" when you press
>              brake pedal after starting an engine.  ,the 5-valve four has
>fabric seats and doesn't have
>              that kind of display.
>                        We'll use them mainly in the city . We know that the
>V6 is smoother than the 1.8 four
>               and has 25 more power. But does it worth the extra $8,000 ? I
>also read some article that
>               Audi's five speed automatic is slow to respond and hunting up
>and down in some road
>               condition.  How about possibility  to be modified,which one
>has more possibilty ?
>                    thanks.