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Which one is better ?

             We are going to buy the A4 ,but the problem is what model is
more appropriate.
             1.8 4-speed automatic  or V6 2.4 5-speed automatic ? The price
differrence is $8,000.
                        The V6 has leather seats and the checking system
which shows "OK" when you press
              brake pedal after starting an engine.  ,the 5-valve four has
fabric seats and doesn't have
              that kind of display.
                        We'll use them mainly in the city . We know that the
V6 is smoother than the 1.8 four
               and has 25 more power. But does it worth the extra $8,000 ? I
also read some article that
               Audi's five speed automatic is slow to respond and hunting up
and down in some road
               condition.  How about possibility  to be modified,which one
has more possibilty ?