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error code 2113

86 5k running
88 5ktq down

	I finally have a question to post. I'm getting a 2113 diag code.
	This car has been underconstruction and after reinstalling the
	engine...it ran...then error code 2113 and no fuel pump running.
	Among other things, I needed to replace the harmonic balancer and 
	went ahead and did the water pump and timming belt. Now when I check
	the timming...that is to say align the flywheel, cam and distributer.
	I'm off one tooth on the cam??? Does the timming sensor just die...does
	the hall effect just die??? 
Fred J. Wehden
Lehigh University
LUCC/ME Cad/Cam		
19 Memorial Dr W	
Bethlehem PA 18015	
610,758,6131 fax