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Re: error code 2113

In a message dated 96-08-02 08:55:41 EDT, you write:

<< 	I finally have a question to post. I'm getting a 2113 diag code.
 	This car has been underconstruction and after reinstalling the
 	engine...it ran...then error code 2113 and no fuel pump running.
 	Among other things, I needed to replace the harmonic balancer and 
 	went ahead and did the water pump and timming belt. Now when I check
 	the timming...that is to say align the flywheel, cam and distributer.
 	I'm off one tooth on the cam??? Does the timming sensor just die...does
 	the hall effect just die??? 
After setting the tdc on cam, crank (thats flywheel mark 0 right?) try moving
the dist a couple degrees cw and ccw till you don't get the code....  The
timing sensors should be installed with the white to the bottom of the car
(higher step) and the black towards the top, you won't get spark
otherwise....  Sounds like you move the dist and it will fire right up....
 The distributor has a 2 degree window (0 +/- 2), and sometimes the miles
adds some slop into the accuracy of the window, so you have to search for it
by Trial and Error....  Just did this on a friends car yesterday...