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Got the Blues

In a message dated 96-08-19 17:29:36 EDT, you write:

<< 	Also of some interest to those of us with turbo'd engines who have or
 fear blowing up the hi-pressure bellows hose from the intercooler to the
 plenum. Ivor Whatshisname? from TAP(all disclaimers apply here, I mean ALL)
 also at LRP showing off some very nice blue silicon rubber steel ringed
 hoses from the UK. I didn't ask the price as what I was really interested in
 hasn't arrived from the UK yet. The same blue silicon rubber steel ringed
 bellows hose  but with built in "dump" valve. These hoses were "beefy"; I
 talked with a fellow that bought one; he said Ivor told him it was good for
 65-70 psi. What's the difference between a "dump" valve and a "pop-off"
 Scott, Eric...do I NEED one of these things?
I just installed one of the TAP's Sanco Racing Silicone hoses on one of the
cars I wrench....  It was a MAJOR bitch to install, but I will bet you won't
be switching it anytime in the next millinium, and I would guess 70psi to be
min....  It is very stiff and required some end trimming, but would recommend
it for you stage II owners, price about 115USD....  I put this one on about a
month ago, and took it off last weekend during a RS2 install upgrade, and it
looked new inside and out, and it only has two accordians near the tbody, so
there was no trapped oil....  Regarding the popoff/dump/ version....
 BEWARE..... My understanding is that that model dumps closed throttle
pressure to atmosphere, that is potentially REALLY BAD.....  I tried to
convince Ivor of the risks of doing it that way, but was pulled off by a
fellow lister.....  So if the popoff valve still pops to atmosphere, forget
it, you could roach your motor and turbo.....