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NE Audi Outing

Nick wrote:

> 1)  My wife wants to come to Lime Rock with the new baby.  Is there any =
> where for her to amuse herself.
> 2)  I have a bubble in the sidewall of the left rear tire.  Should I =
> change before Lime Rock and if so, shpuld I make sure that the other =
> rear tire matches since I just found that the tires I have are =
> discontinued.

I don't know exactly where everybody can keep themselves amused at Lime Rock if
they don't want to talk Audi's. The place is pretty big and there is a lot of
room to walk around. However, I encourage anybody to bring their better halves
with them.

It's not too far away, two weeks from Sunday. I've got to plan MY big party on
Aug 10th and then we'll get to the details of Aug 18th. I think we should figure
out who is coming and put together some kind of picnic bring along that we can
all share.

Think about your best dish and details will follow.


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