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17's and D60's [a pan and a report]

	Graydon's gotta have 17's:)  

	While I am envious of Jeff's car [got an 89 meself], one word of 
caution--if you are still living in the Midwest.

	Several weeks ago a friend with the sedan version of my car [89 
200tqw] stopped by.  He lives in the deep south, and, has 17" Hockenheim 
R's? on the car.  Long story short, we put them on the wag and I drove it 
that way for about 250 miles.  Absolutely loved the look but the ride was 
for shi*.  Indiana roads [and Mich the last time I checked:)] are *not* 
as nice as the south and west, to put it mildly.  Frankly, I think Jeff 
should be forced to take the nice 17's off his car and ride with those 
big ass sidewalls like the rest of us, in order to stay on the list.  HA

	Now to the D60's.  Picked up a bolt in the right rear the other 
day.  By the time I got her down from 85, the tire was f'ed.  Picked up a 
replacement and was shocked by how little these tires had worn.  No exact 
meas. but looked like at least 3/4 of tread is good on the other 3--after 
16K!  No track use [well, no real track use], but damned hard drivin.  
These things are great--water & dry.  Total cost:  mounted / balanced = $90.