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Re: 17's and D60's [a pan and a report]

> Frankly, I think Jeff should be forced to take the nice 17's off his
> car and ride with those big ass sidewalls like the rest of us, in order to
> stay on the list.  HA

Fat chance ... the ability to do this is one of the reasons I chose to live
here and put up with the summer heat (115 degrees one day last week!).  BTW,
if you think my 17s are something to be envied, you should have seen the MB
600 with the 20" wheels and 35 series tires that I saw last night.  Made my
8x17s with 215/45s look downright wimpy by comparison!

But you're right: If I lived anywhere else, I probably would have gone with
16s instead.  When I used to live in New York, I stayed with 15s on my 530i
for much the same reason... 

>         Now to the D60's.  Picked up a bolt in the right rear the other 
> day.  By the time I got her down from 85, the tire was f'ed.  Picked up a 
> replacement and was shocked by how little these tires had worn.  No exact 
> meas. but looked like at least 3/4 of tread is good on the other 3--after 
> 16K!  No track use [well, no real track use], but damned hard drivin.

This is one of the reasons I usually buy 5 wheels/tires instead of four.  I
rotate the spare in-and-out with every oil change at 3k miles ... this way,
should I ever trash a tire, I have a spare with nearly the same wear on it.

Of course, the fact that my third-generation Comp TAs are directional means
that SIX wheels/tires are needed to accomplish this and EIGHT if your front
and rear wheels are not interchangeable (as in my case), which is a bit too
much even for someone as anal about these things as I am.  You COULD get by
with just six wheels/tires but then you'd need to have the fronts and rears
dismounted/remounted/balanced each time, which is also a big pain.  I guess
I'll just have to be REAL careful about watching where I drive from now on!

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