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Re: quattro-digest V3 #819

Sorry, but you are at the wrong end of the state. Manchester is in the
Southern part whereas Ben & Jerry's, Black Locust Inn & Stowe are in the
north central part. B&J is in Waterbury just north of Montpelier. 1.5 - 2.0
hrs from Manchester.

In Manchester there used to be the Orvis shop where they made  bamboo fly
rods if you are into fly fishing. There is Mount Snow with its summer
mountain biking. 

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>From: "Edward E. Griebel Jr" <griebel_ed@jpmorgan.com>
>Date: 2 Aug 96 12:43:56 
>Subject: quattro-digest V3 #816
>In Manchester (area), I think it's a law for all tourists to go to Ben & 
>Jerry's. Also
>we stayed at a cute little B&B called the "Black Locust Inn". Nice
>place about 3 miles N of B&J's. There's lots to do in that area, and
>Stowe too, which is about 10 miles up from B&J's. Lots of nice restaurants,
>"can't swing a dead cat without hitting one" ;-)  If you like biking, the area
>can't be beat, really beautiful scenery and sleepy country roads.
>- -ed
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>>From: Myke456@aol.com
>>My wife and I will be touring thru the following New England cities in a few
>>weeks. I'd appreciate if any info from list members regarding sites,
>>restaurants, Bed & Breakfasts in these, or surrounding areas:
>>Stockington, CT
>>Manchester, VT
>>Mt. Washington area of New Hampshire
>>Maine from Bath then south along coast
>>Cape Cod, Mass
>>Attleboro/Mansfield, Mass
>>Conn. Coast
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