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Re: 91 200q owners - low boost

I'm one of those Ned mentioned obout low boost. NO MORE! (After 
receiving my Bentley series last week I'm dangerous.)

After tightening all the hoses (which did not seem to need it) and 
checking for any leaks without taking is one off, I pulled on the 
by-pass valve vaccume line. It was seperated in the middle, inside the 
plastic heat protector (?) under the heat shield on the left side of 
engine. It was a clean cut? Like it had never been hooked up! I put a 
plastic tube connector in and VOILA 1.8 Bar!

This has Neds Stage II mod in the computer. It now absolutly screams. 
I can not say if it was the tightening of the  various hoses or the 
connection of the bypass valve (found on page 21.29 of Bently). I 
think the bypass valve. I could check by disconnecting again but, heh, 
if it ain't broken... The Dealer's answer to the boost problem was to 
replace the plugs, and fuel canister. Then to order $300 worth of 
hoses, one of which I need, the rest I'll tell them to use on 
themselves--Rodney King style. The epiloge to this is:  check all your 
hoses twice for tight fit, leaks and disconection. There are specific 
tests that can be run to see if a particular hose is leaking too. So 
don't let the dealer replace everything to see if the problem goes 
away. And get Bentlys.
My  car has 185K miles and looks like new with H&K springs, side 
skirts, Boge Turbos, euro lites, pearl paint. I expect I will blow out 
the turbo and get to go to Stage III with Ned!

EM Schutt
'91 200 q