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price on an '86 5000TQ

Hey guys:

Saw an ad in the New Orleans paper for an '86 5000TQ; asking price $1500. 
Car supposedly needs top surface paint and the stitching is coming apart on
the drivers seat in one place.  Otherwise very good (yeah) with just under
105K on it.  Sounds like maybe a cheap toy might be had if it's not too
trashed.  What worries me is what the oil change schedule was like if the
paint is so bad.  I'm going to try and give it a look....with the idea of
offering much less if it looks okay.  

Suggestions on particular items to check?  Price to offer relative to what
you think he might have gotten it for?  I don't need this, but I might
anyway...for $600-$800 or so.  There's almost no quattro market here...

BTW, anyone got any experience with the new Amsoil 0W30 oil?



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