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badges and rentals

Andrew Duane writes> 

> If you happen to be in Stowe over labor day weekend, look for the black
> totally-badgeless "stealth" 100Q with NH plates at the Pub at Stowe.


I've been a habitual badge remover for a long time. That came to a stop
tho, just after I was reprimanded by my wife for removing the badges on
*her* $aab 9000. When we sold that piece of overengineering for the Audi
(ahem), she informed me in no uncertain terms that I was not to do that on
her 200.

Bummer. And the car would look so clean with nothing but the rings on the
trunk lid...

Oh well, wives. ;-)

And WRT rentals:

Budget offers Jaguar XJ-6s for $69 a day in a number of places, including
San Fran, LAX, Dallas (I think...) and some other places. Also offers Ford
Exploders and Isuzu Troopers if you want to see how the other half lives.

Hertz does Volvo 850s, 940s, Mazda Millenia, Mazda Miatas, etc.

Enterprise offers BMW 328s, 525s, Infinitis, and Land Rover Discoveries.
I've rented a 525 for $79 a day,and Discos for $55 a day. Um, you prolly
shouldn't tell them you're going to go play in the woods, tho. I usually
run a 4x4 through a car wash before I return it...hides the desert
pinstriping and gets most of the mud off the roof <GRIN>

Gee, I should put up a webpage listing all this stuff. Anyone have other
information to share...send it off to me at the address below and I just
may do a resource page!


Lee Levitt
1990 Audi 200 (w/badges)
Volvo ??? (no badges <g>)