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re: 90 q manual & bike rack 4 sale

Michael Mueller writes:

>  I'm sad to report that my 88 90 Quattro was traded in last night for
> a vol** turbo wagon. I now have a set of Bently manuals [general &
> electrical]. I also have a Thule bike rack for two bikes [roof mounted]

Um, good news and good news. The Thule rack will prolly work on your
Volvo. If you bought an 850 you'll need to get new feet, but everything
else will work.

Speaking of which...if anyone has a Thule rack (or feet) that will work on
my 200, drop me a note...

Also, there's a Volvo list to help you get acquainted with your new toy.
Send mail to majordomo@shore.net, with the message "subscribe
swedishbricks" or subscribe swedishbricks-digest".

Um, why is it called swedishbricks? Well, because Volvos and bricks have
similar aerodynamic properties ;-)


Lee Levitt
1990 Audi 200
1988 Volvo 745