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<5KCSTQ> Various Info

1.  Found Water Wetter today at Super Shops - 6.99 (same as GPR mail order).
I'll let the list know if I notice a difference.

2.  My lifetime warrenty Autozone 20.00 hose has developed a minor leak (bad
clamping), so I decided that since I have to dump nearly a quart of Pentosin
to replace it, I might as well do the bomb. The rebuilt one at Pep Boys is
139.50 including tax. I'll pick it up this PM and let you know how it do. I
also ordered the Zone's return hose ($15.99 lifetime warrenty).

3. Got to drive Relayer's 90 CQ yesterday to ID a nasty shimmy problem on
braking - the higher the speed, the worse it were. Got home, looked under -
split tie rod boot (Aha!). I was surprised at the car - loved the feel, the
leather, the wood, but you really haveta push that 20V to get it to move
(that's in comparison to my TQ, and in all fairness I wasn't about to 'wring
it out' with a known shimmy.

4. We're still looking for Orlando and vicinity Audi owners fer our local
club...  Luv to put on something this winter at one of the local tracks
(Sebring, Mouseland, Daytona). Maybe with an assist from Hoppen, Ivor, and
Peter we could set something up. That would 
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                                              Maitland, Florida