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Re: Audi hiccup in USA?

At 06:52 PM 8/7/96 EST, you wrote:

>>I think he meant the one the Audi has fixed  -  "unintended acceleration."
>	How can you fix something that wasn't broken in the first place. I
>believe it is widely accepted now that the "unintentional acceleration" flap
>was a total fabrication by the TV journalists at "60 Minutes"; at least Audi
>had no higher incidents of it that any other manufacturer, but it sure did
>benefit the boys at WMB while kicking Audi in the groin. On the other hand, if
>it had not been for "60 Minutes" many of us on this list would not have been
>able to opt for our fine cars as early as we did. Now, if "60 Minutes" would
>just air a program admitting that they were mistaken and the 5K series Audi
>were the finest examples of the automobile manufacturers art we'd have instant
>classics instead of Edsels of the '80's. I think my car's a classic anyway:-)

So lets call 60 minutes and tell them about the dangerous 91 20V200s, V8s,
and those really bad S4s and 6s...

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