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Re: Audi hiccup in USA?

>>Which one?
>>Horrendous parts overpricing, horrible dealership, inadequately trained
>>service personnel, uninformed salesmen, significant reliability problems
>>with little attempt to redesign, or
>>unintended acceleration...
>I think he meant the one the Audi has fixed  -  "unintended acceleration."

Hi Mark,

	How can you fix something that wasn't broken in the first place. I
believe it is widely accepted now that the "unintentional acceleration" flap
was a total fabrication by the TV journalists at "60 Minutes"; at least Audi
had no higher incidents of it that any other manufacturer, but it sure did
benefit the boys at WMB while kicking Audi in the groin. On the other hand, if
it had not been for "60 Minutes" many of us on this list would not have been
able to opt for our fine cars as early as we did. Now, if "60 Minutes" would
just air a program admitting that they were mistaken and the 5K series Audi
were the finest examples of the automobile manufacturers art we'd have instant
classics instead of Edsels of the '80's. I think my car's a classic anyway:-)

						Happy motoring,


P.S. Of course, other than "unintended acceleration", the other things wrong
with Audis that you mention are, all too often, true:-(

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