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Re: 91 200 Q Turbo Coolant Pump

Lorens, you wrote:

>Today I went to Inskip to see if they had the thermo switch for the
>after run. I got there, the parts dweeb asks if it is a clear switch or
>a white one. So I go out to my car to check. Lo' an' behold my fan is
>running. But, the coolant pump is not. I pull a lead off the thermo
>switch(ouch), and the fan continued to run. So, the fan is obviosly
>controlled by more than one place with the ignition off.
>So anyway, parts dweeb says he can order it, my cost $40. I ask about a
>replacement Gas cap,(don't ask), Dweeb says I can order that too. My
>cost, $79.Plus 10% freight, and I have to drive back there to pick it
>up. So I asked why I have to pay freight if it isn't being shipped to my
>Basically that is the way it is. So I said scr-w this. Go home and call
>Carlson Audi. $33 for the switch, $26 for the gas cap. Throw in 4 oil
>filters @ $5something ea. and I'm in business. Oh, less than $10 in 3rd
>day shipping. Needles to say I am not happy with the dealer. 300% markup
>on a gas cap. SH_T!!
>I just want to thank all for steering me towards Carlson. Usual

Hi Lorens,

        I don't use Inskip for anything other than browsing the new models;
they have never been helpful answering questions, and tried to charge me $80.00
for another key w/ light, claiming it had to be sent out to be cut because it
was made of a special very hard metal and there was only one guy in the state
who could "cut" it. I think they consider themselves an MB/Porsche and Japanese
luxoboat dealership with Audi an "also-ran". They usually don't have a very
good selection of new model Audis either!!

                                                Happy motoring,


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