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Voltage Regulator problem fixed!!!

Ok,  first thanks to Richard Funnell, Glen Powell, Bruce Johnson,
Dave Head, and Paul Waterloo for all your help :-)

First it was the belt,  current belt was too wide and sat above the
pulley lip by about an 1/8th of inch.  New belt sits just under the lip.

The battery was 3-4 years old so I replaced it just because.......

Then came the voltage regulator with it's flickering.....

CAUTION!!  'yuse guys out there with 89 100's there are
2 kinds of alternators.  a 90 amp and a 110 amp (which 
is labelled 115 BTW on the alternator but the parts guys 
have 110 in the book......)  

And if you can't find the exact voltage regulator don't use the one
from an 88 5000 series even though the 10v non-turbo 130hp 
engine is identical.  The voltage regulators are not!  Don't ask how
I know this :-(

One strange thing though.  The voltage gauge sits lower than 
it used too on idle and cruising speeds.   But the old Sunpro 
meter shows 12.5 and 13.5 volts at idle and 2000rpm respectively.....  

Best Regards Everybody !!! :-)

Mike L.
89 100 Avant with happy wife
90 V8 Surgeomatic that is next in line for repairs......

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