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Tire Sizes

Hi Everybody :-)

I have unfortunately loaded Solaris 2.5 on my system and it
is not cooperating very well...... as in my tire program doesn't
work anymore and it wont recompile..... :-(

Can somebody, maybe Andrew ? please do the following 
calculations for me ? 

I have a friend here who has a MB 300e with 195/65/15 P600's
on it.  He is ready for new tires and asked me for some
recommendations on other brands and sizes.  He wants 
wider of course :-)

I told him D60/A2 are a good all around tire at a decent price.  Or
SP8000 for more sporty minded driving, any other ideas keeping ?
in mind we are in New Hampshire :-) snow/rain......

For 205/15 what aspect would he need to keep the same height
as his original tire size ?  50 ? 55 ?

I'm  currently not subscribed to the list so please post directly
back to 76761.1444@compuserve.com

Thanks a lot !!

Mike L.

Mike LaRosa		INCASES Engineering N.A.
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