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Re: Know your Audis...the Audi 90

On Wed, 7 Aug 1996, Jeff McMeekin - WWFO Training wrote:

> I'm thinking about buying another Audi (but can't afford the yellow A4 that
> calls to me).  I drove a V6 90, but that didn't excite me too much.


> I'm curious about the 20V Audi 90s.  What sort of horsepower
> did they make with that engine (US version).  Did Audi every
> put a turbo engine in the 90?

The 20V 90 is boatloads better than the 10V 90, but there is still less 
horsepower than the v6, but only like 8hp. The 20V probably (and I dont 
know this for a fact, because Ive never timed it) slower than the v6, but 
it FEELS faster. I have the 20V after driving the v6, and it just felt 
better to me.

They put a turbo in it, and called it an S2 (although that was really the 
coupe and not the 90 (2 door version)) but it never made it to the US.


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