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On Wed, 7 Aug 1996, Damon Webber wrote:

> I should probably check the archives because I'm sure this has been 
> discussed before, but I am in a hurry so I will just ask.  Has anyone 
> experienced a faulty engine Temp gauge in the 90QC20v, I know my dads 89 
> 90q has a similar problem that he has not figured out.  Most of the time 
> it reads 0 but every once in a while it will move just a little bit, I 
> know she is running hotter than that, but how hot that is the question?
> 		any suggestions, thanks, Dax

Ditto, my 20V just started doing the same thing ..it has ESP.  You 
listening Ian?!?! His damn voodoo doll...  Its the sending unit, but not 
sure of the part number on the 20V, and Im not sure if its the same as 
the 10V.


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