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Noisy Lifters

> From: "Gary G. Erickson" <erickson@teleport.com>
> Glenn Kaufman wrote:
> > 
> > I just got my Coupe back from the dealer.  They did an oil change and the
> > lifters are noisier than they ever were.  It took a long time for that rap
> > tap tap to disappear.   The Audi rep says that he noticed it, and therefore
> > he had added a few drops of Bardol (?) oil and said that it should help.  In
> > the past, I've noticed the noisy lifters for about 30 seconds upon start-up
> > but never like this.  The oil they put in was Valvoline 20W50.  For the past
> > 30K miles, I've used the Valvoline semi-synthetic ranging from 20W50 to 10W30.

Glen, this is the latest in a long story.  You WERE running better 
oil than you are now.  SEMI-synthetic oil is generally part 
synthetic, part petro-oil.  You can silence those lifters by running 
a REAL synthetic oil.  Your choice.

Note: I'm not saying Valvoline 20-50 is bad oil.  It's good oil.  But 
Glen's post is more evidence that it's not AS good as synthetic; not 
even as good as semi-synthetic.

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