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Tranny Q

> On Date: Wed, 07 Aug 1996 14:59:54 -0400 (EDT) Stephen wrote: 
> <<
> When the car is hot (after having driven for a while), if I'm in Park and 
> want to back up, I put the (automatic) tranny in R and it just sits there 
> unless I rev the engine up, then it clunks into gear and away I go.  
> Dollar signs are building up in my head.  I thought maybe the fluid 
> should be changed to synthetic ('86 5k turbo, 190,000 Km) since I don't 
> know if it EVER has been changed.
> What could be my worst case here?  There is no problem shifting to any 
> other gears.
> >>

Chris suggested:

> Have you checked the fluid level?  Sounds like your car is a bit low.

My comment:  You need to take INSTANT action.

1)  Check the fluid NOW!  Top it off if low.  If i's OK on level 
or doesn't change the problem, 
2)  Drop the fluid and CHANGE it  and the screen NOW!

You are playing with symptoms of a reverse seal failure, which 
requires a transmission rebuild costing a minimum of $1500.  This or 
a used replacement automatic tranny (AND torque converter) are the 
only way to go, because a new tranny is not available through Audi 
unless you also buy the transaxle; total retail is over $3000.

I really hope this is a fluid level problem, but get it checked NOW.  
If it's not the level, you may possibly delay the redbuild by 
changing fluid immediately and doing it about once a month.  If the 
problem does not improve, find a good tranny shop which understands 
VW transmissions.  Your transmission is simply a VW automatic - not 
any special Audi model - and can easily be fixed.  If the tranny guys 
don't know this, don't go there - any GOOD tranny guy will recognize 
this tranny at once for what it is.

Stephen, email me directly if you want specific information on the 
failure behavior of this unit and the probably chain of events.  I 
will cross my fingers for you.

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