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Re: Odo Tampering

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

Subject: Odo Tampering

Now thats a Federal Crime!!!  Need to check your title and see what is 
says about odometer statement!!
As fer trying to set ahead to match your original, its electric and any 
tampering will brake it!!! Its designed into it to prevent tampering!!

                  You didnt hear it from me!!!

Actually I think the crime is misrepresenting mileage to deceive customer at
time of sale.  Remember, he wants to do what I did - run a used odo *ahead*
to where his vehicle truly is.  High mileage is a point of pride not
embarassment fur us, ness pah?  too bad about the electric style.

What triggers the electronic odo?  Could you try pulsing it?  send a stream
of bits into it at equivalent of 1000 mph, still a bit slow but you've got
all night? 

82 coupe; 210,000, what's the emoticon for crossed fingers?