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Re: radiator cardboard

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yeah, I sprung about 150 U$ for side and bottom cardboards (yes, cardboard
for $150.00.  but please don't send me pyramid scheme chain letters....) for
my coupe this winter when my radiator was out cause of blowing a heater core
hose.  They look nice.  They make it darn tough to adjust the alt belt

do they do anything?  I dunno, how about keeping rocks away from your
radiator (I suppose a prefabbed, welded, hole sawed, piece of 1/4" machinist
cloth would be even better) wish I'd thought of that before!

I feel even dumber in a way, because I think the newer models are plastic
probably more durable than hygroscopic paper products, and I bet they woulda

Oh BTW I think they were called "air guides", now doesn't that shed some
light on their function?  They act as a ram air scoop for the radiator.  I
don't think I am qualified to use the phrase "ram air scoop" unless it
applies to a scale plastic model.... sorry.

human, only human

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Date: Tuesday, 13-Aug-96 07:22 PM

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Subject: Re: radiator cardboard

On Tue, 13 Aug 1996, Jere & Becky Freeman wrote:

> I've been driving my 85 4KQ around for three years with that piece
> cardboard missing. I don't think it has much of a purpose; I haven't had
> any problems with it not being there. As far as replacing it, I can't help
> you with that.
Righto!  I dont think my 4kq EVER had that bottom one. The top one  however
is important, it will overheat without it.


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