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Re: radiator cardboard

  Ditto the shroud sentiments, my car never ran very warm(many posts of
others had me worried, I still  have the original 15yr old one in the
car!), maxes out at about same figures you posted even in midsummer heat
stopped or at 100+MPH as tested on front straight at LRP.  Redid my
cardboard shrouds from light galvinized tin, the stuff they put on outside
facing house doors, cost about $10 and just stenciled my old one onto it
and snipped it out. 
    As per giving the Aux Rad the boot, I gave mine the ass end of a chevy
Lumina, (ouch) I will see if it is needed when I get it back from the body
shop, others I have spoken to say no, they also say the 4000Q rad is a bit
bigger and a bolt in (Can anybody confirm this?).  I will think about it if
I run hot with out the Aux.  As I have no AC don't think it will be missed,
considering the $175 replacement cost.