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Re: Magnets, magnets, the magical ma

  My TQC has an Audi magnet in the nose, whenever another Audi goes by
faster it automatically trys to attach itself to their rear bumper,
unfortunately it has a negative effect on my gas mileage, though the cars
seems faster.  Unfortunately the last time this happened a certain NH state
trooper took umbrage and my "Troopers are your best protection" sticker cut
no mustard, 1 stop two tickets, NH troopers are so efficient!. (Glenn when
did NH go to the points system? Doooouuugghhh)  Since the magnet was
factory installed, removal would be a pain.  I've tried to combat it with
bigger twin piston calipers up front and more rolling resistance with
bigger wheels and tires, I will report back with the results.