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Remember me?? (max boost, WOT switch)

I would like to thank several who responded to my posts after the timing belt
change which left me unable to reach max boost.  The car seemed to run okay
but I could only get 1.5 instead of the 1.7 I got before.  The car seemed to
be stronger at low revs and still does, but the top end was obviously soft.
 I'm still not sure if the old belt was stretched or the new one is one tooth
advance but I'll take the extra low end grunt, no questions asked. :-)>

Here's how it went:
I borrowed a digital multi meter and checked the WOT switch: no reading.  I
pulled the switch, cracked it open, and found that the soldered connections
for the WOT function of the switch had become corroded.  This was caused by
water collecting inside the switch, and since the WOT part is at the bottom,
these corroded and not the closed-throttle contacts.  I resoldered the
connections, tweaked the levers to make more positive contact and ran some
fine sandpaper between them to clean them up, used some clear silicone gasket
sealer to seal the switch back up, and soldered the common wire (double wire
actually) back to the little plug stuck inside the 3 prong connector (which
either broke when I unplugged it or during the timing belt job).  Now I'm
back to 1.7 boost readings.

I really appreciate the help offered by the list.  Without it, I probably
wouldn't have tried to tackle this.  Didn't even cost a dime.  I think the
Audieties may have noticed it went a little too easily though.  After my
success with the switch, I also needed to change the oil and it feels like my
drain plug might be stipping.  I put on a new washer and plenty of the clear
silicone and tightened it VERY carefully.  I think it's okay right now but
I'm not so confident about the next few oil changes.
Any *proactive* suggestions out there?

Thanks again!

Ed Kellock
Lansing, IA
87 5kcstq
87 cgt 2.3