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Track Rods

In message <9607158401.AA840125645@genchip.uunet.ca> "Mike Hopton" writes:

> All this talk of tie/track rods is making me very nervous. I need both the 
> left and right (LHD), the part numbers I need are 857419801D and 
> 857419802A, do Audi intend to remanufacture a batch? I'm sure these parts 
> are built for Audi (subcontractor?) is there any way to organise a group 
> purchase through the power of the internet and the quattro clubs? Also are 
> the rubber boots for the tie rods and ball joints available separately?

They're not made by Audi, since Audi does not possess the kind of forging press
needed to shape the ends.  We already have a number of components available from
club sources - replacement exhaust manifolds that are stress-relaxed at higher
temperatures than Audi's, and oil cooler pipes made up by a hydraulic hose 
manufacturer.  It seems like we will have to add track rods.  We need to 
address a number of issues like this, but not many of the UK owners are on the 
Internet as yet.

Audi's manufacturing is batch-oriented.  I don't know what the factory stocks 
are, but I strongly suspect there's a lot of manufacturing to order going on.  
I had enormous trouble getting an ur-q electric window motor recently, and 
ended up getting mine rebuilt by a local cycle shop.  If you _do_ manage to get 
a replacement window winder, it doesn't fit.  They also supply a template for 
you to redrill the door.

> I was looking into some way of modifying the existing tie rods so they 
> could be fixed using other VW/Audi parts. I think it would be possible to 
> modify the longer/straighter adjustable tie rod (the driver's side one on 
> LHD cars). An early golf tie rod end could be screwed onto this tie rod if 
> it was cut and a threaded, the early golf tie rod ball is identical to the 
> ends of the ur-q tie rod. The passenger side is harder because of the 
> multiple bends it would be very difficult to cut and thread.

Next time I'm at BR Motorsport (28 August) we'll take a look.  I'll take my 
precious spare down with me.  If _your_ longer/straighter adjustable is on the 
driver's side for LHD, it could be the same as mine - which is passenger side 
on RHD.

BRM are now looking at tuning A4Qs.  They have a kit for $26,000 that hauls 
320bhp out of a 1.8l turbo.  Maybe I should post the specs.  I sat in Biela's 
World Championship car last week - it's really impressively built.  The rear 
suspension links are aerofoil sections.

>      Incidentally I own 2 ur-q's ...

No problem, as long as you have two wallets.

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