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RE: Magnets, magnets, the magical magnet...

Glen Powell writes...

Actually, that's not as far fetched as one might think. I know of a =
top-secret R&D project working on zero-friction automotive =
electromagnetic suspension systems. There have also been attempts at =
zero-friction electromagnetic train suspension - actually suspending the =
train over the tracks with zero contact with the track. I believe that =
there have also been R&D projects working on electromagnetic ballistic =
launchers and firearms. A zero-friction electromagnetic turbo bearing =
needing no cooling/lubrication and without wear would be waycool. (Audi =
content :)


There is a lot of research going on in magnetic bearings for all sorts
of things, like turbines, flywheels, etc.  Since magnetic bearings are
inherently unstable, you need to use lots of feedback electronics to
make it all work.  Just thinking about our friends in Ingolstadt
putting that on a turbo gives me the shivers...five volumes of Bentley
just devoted to turbo suspension electronics :-)...and lots and lots
of connectors and sensors... :-) :-)