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Hi !
    Re : AUDI 80CD           Turbo Diesel
Im new to the list and need urgent help. I would be extremely grateful for
any assistance.
For the first time after coming from India, the car was given for servicing
to an Audi dealer. The air conditioning compressor was replaced rather than
repaired. A small time mechanic has assured that repair is possible.
A certificate of pollution control was given, stating a smoke density of
32 ( Hartridge units ). On personally confirming, at another pollution
control centre, it was found to be closer to 100. It took a Benz service
centre to find the fault, which was attributed to a leaky oil seal in the
Turbo section. Audi agents insist on replacing the whole Turbo section.
What I would like is a repair kit with a manual on how to repair the seal.
These are not the only problems I encountered. I would like to register
a formal complaint with the manufacturers. In this regard I would appreciate
if any of you could provide the email address of the PRO or CEO of Audi.
Though the car is 13 years old and mileage clock is 55000 km, it has been
very well maintained and is rust free to date.
Thanks very much in anticipation
Yours truly
Clyde Cerejo on behalf of Ivan D'Lima
Bombay, India