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On Aug 16,  1:19pm, CEREJO CLYDE SAVIO wrote:
> Hi !
>     Re : AUDI 80CD           Turbo Diesel

	From the message, I deduce that this is more or less an '83
	4000 turbo diesel, for us US listers. Presumably the same
	I-5 turbo diesel in contemporary 5K's sold here.

> For the first time after coming from India, the car was given for servicing
> to an Audi dealer.

	You're clearly in India (wow, cool -- you're the first lister
	with an Indian e-mail address), but where's the car?

> It took a Benz service
> centre to find the fault, which was attributed to a leaky oil seal in the
> Turbo section. Audi agents insist on replacing the whole Turbo section.
> What I would like is a repair kit with a manual on how to repair the seal.

	It's probably very similar to the VW inline-6 turbodiesel that
	I had in my Volvo 740, in which case the turbocharger is a Garrett
	T-23 (25?).  It's possible to get a replacement cartridge for about
	USD $350 -- which consists of the center housing and the impeller/
	compressor rotor, inside which the offending oil seal is. The
	procedure is not difficult, though you do have to be careful
	not to damage the vanes in the turbo.

> Though the car is 13 years old and mileage clock is 55000 km, it has been
> very well maintained and is rust free to date.

	Frankly, it's highly unlikely you'll receive anything from Audi
	but a polite letter. It is indeed strange that the turbo died
	so early (mileage-wise), but you don't say what kind of driving
	was involved.

	If the car is in India, you might try newer truck repair shops
	that may have some experience with turbo diesels (I saw several
	Isuzu turbodiesel trucks when I was there last). Otherwise, your
	best bet would be to find a reliable mechanic, get the shop
	manual, import the replacement cartridge (perhaps through someone
	visiting the US) and have at it.

	My shop manual (for '84-88 5000s) has a lot of stuff about the
	turbodiesel engine -- if it's similar to the one in your car, I
	may be able to photocopy sections and send it to you.

	Good luck!


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