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RE: Euro focusing Light switch?

It aims the headlights higher and lower.
We are not allowed to have this function  in the US 'cause most 'mercans would either not know how to use it or would abuse it - or both! Too bad for us...... Same reason that fog lights and driving lights should, sadly, be outlawed in the US, IMFO. ('cause the authorities refuse to enforce the existing laws)


I have here my 1990 Audi Coupe Q brochure, and because of the print date
before the importing of the CQ, it contains pictures of the euro model.  On
closer inspection of the interior shot, i noticed a swich similar to a seat
heater, BUT it has a head light symbol on it with arrows pointing up and down
as if the light can be focused or aimed from inside the car....Does anyone
know what secret technologies the euro version had that did not make it to
our shores?  Maybee our Audi fans across the pond know what this is