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Re: Euro focusing Light switch?

RELAYER@aol.com wrote:
> ...head light symbol on it with arrows pointing up and down
> as if the light can be focused or aimed from inside the car....

I have such a switch on my Euro model Mercedes Wagon 230TE.

Since the wagon's attitude changes dramatically with load,
the switch allows the headlights to be pointed downward
and not blind oncoming traffic.

Headlight pointing on a TQC? Cool, but why?

Glenn Lawton
1983 TQC Tan
1990 20V Coupe Quattro Pearl
1986 4000 Quattro White (203kmi)
1985 MBenz 230TE

1990 20V Coupe Quattro (sold)
1986 4000 Quattro Black (sold)
lots of other sold cars too....