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NE picnic

Hey all,
    update on clutch: leaky slave cylinder. Topped up with DOT 4 and about 20
minutes of arm work-out pumping the pedal has brought the pressure back up. I
bought a nice fat can on DOT 4 to keep the reservoir topped until I can replace
the SC. I also bought a can of Pentosin (which I labelled to remind me where it
goes!). So.. I'm gonna try and make it pals! I'm telling you though, if I'm
broken down on the roadway and see an Audi pass by...
    As for the grill.. I have a nice weber pot I was going to bring. It's
already in my trunk and everything. Paul, if you don't want me to bring it.. no
    As for the food...... I'll stop by the grocery store tommorow and pick up
something. If there is something specific that I should bring, let me know. 
I hope to see all of you on Sunday! :)
                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q
                                Albany NY