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Tire Pressure cont.

Hey all..
    Remember back when we in the middle of that thread on tire pressures. I
said that I would dig up my book. Well here it is according to Bob Bondurant's
"High Performance Driving." 

" Tire Pressure
       First of all, if you have a street car, with regular tires, before you
even think about driving hard, make sure you have good wheel bearings and
sufficient tire pressure. At my school all of the cars are run with at least
35-40psi in each tire. Use this as a starting guide.
       If you don't have enough air in the tires you can pull a tire right off
the rim during hard cornering, which most likely will cause a real nasty
accident. More about tires later, but make sure they have enough air; I
typically run my tires at about 10psi more than the recommmended street
pressures or the sidewall will deflect or move and the car will feel real
sloppy through the corner." p.88

Later he talks about temps and other stuff.. but this passage had bearing on
the earlier discussion. Sorry it took so long to dig it up. Anyway..talk
amongst yourselves!
                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q
                                Albany NY