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RE: 200q Spotting

And give it to me - he can have my Gobi Beige one instead...

I have yet to encounter anybody while driving who seemed to know what
they were looking at - wait, that's not true. I saw Eric Harman (he of
the recently sold 91 200q) yesterday and he noticed me too :-)
- peter

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> BTW, the guy didn't even look like he noticed my car, I sure looked at him.

	Isn't that such a bummer?  Audi should promptly confiscate his
	car, I say :-)

	Truth to be told, most Audi drivers I've encountered on the
	road seem completely oblivious of other Audis, and there I am,
	with a goofy grin -- "Look, look, I have one, too!" Pretty

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