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Re: 91 200q owners -low boost --- blink codes

Thanks to Phil Payne for that nice servicing description.  The only
thing to note is that for the 3B engine, we don't get the engine light
to blink, except if you have a California car (so I am told).  At
least I have never seen my "check engine" light come on, and the
Bentley manual indicates that all testing is to be done with the
VAG1551 tool (or something like that).  No description of pulling
fuses in and and out like in the earlier cars.  But my fuel pump relay
does have the little place for the test fuse up top.  Confusing...

Curiously enough, one of the interface connectors in the driver's
footwell has an output labelled "Blink output".  Anyone ever tried to
use that to drive an LED or such to get codes without the VAG-nnnn?

When I had doubts about my wastegate frequency valve, I removed it and
drove it from a 12Vdc source.  I clicks very smartly, and you can
certainly feel it.