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Re: 91 200q owners - low boost

Mike Miller wrote... 

I spent 6 hours Sunday evening with Ned looking into the low boost problem. I 
swapped in a wastegate from an S6 (they are the same) that Ned had "laying 
around" and we tried it out with Ned at the wheel


Wow...must be kind of nice to have Ned in your "backyard". 

MIke continues...

1.7- 1.8. Put my old wastegate back on (while doing so noticed that the hose 
that runs from the intake manifold to the turbo frequency valve was crimped 
where it goes over the bracket at the IM end - uncrimped it. This will 


Actually, I think that hose from the IM runs to the turbo bypass
valve.  If that valve leaks, you will have a problem too.  I assume
that you and Ned checked it.

That's a real bummer about the turbo.  Maybe for what the dealer would
charge you can get one of Ned's upgrade packages?

John Mallick
'91 200q