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Buying a used Audi 80, '86-'94

tnas@dtpdirect.nl translated from AutoBild, 17 Aug 96 ....

<< The buyer was also warned for cars being improperly repaired
<< after a crash: the galvanised bodywork needs to be properly repaired by an
<< expert, thus preventing invisible rust damage.

Just exactly what "expert" care is required in repairing galvanized
bodywork on an Audi? My concern centres not on a crashed vehicle but rather
the touch-up of the flaking/peeling of paint from galvanized sections
usually centering around a small rust spot. I know that in preparing the
surface, I am sanding away the galvanising coating but are there any
recommendations (spray coatings, primers, etc.) to restore the sanded area
other than the traditional sanding/priming methods?

John Holt, (1988 90Q)
Highland Grove, Ontario, Canada

"The Major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that
can not possibly go wrong is that when a thing that can not possibly go
wrong goes wrong it turns out to be impossible to get at or repair.

>From the novel "Mostly Harmless" by Douglas Adams