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Do Ronals Do 4 bolt - 15 inch?

Does anyone know if the 14 inch, 4 bolt, Ronal wheels that were original
equipment on the 1988-1990 90Q were offered in a 15 inch - 4 bolt on the 5K
Audi around the same era? The 5 bolt Ronal of this design is very common
but the 4 bolt seems scarce. The 5Ks that I have seen with the 4 bolt won't
stand still long enough for me to get a look at the tire size or measure
the wheel diameter.  The wheels could best be described as an aero type
wheel with 5 - 1.25" slits around the outer diameter and a cap in the
centre with the 4 Audi rings.


John Holt, (1988 90Q) - Highland Grove, Ontario, Canada

"The Major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that
can not possibly go wrong is that when a thing that can not possibly go
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>From the novel "Mostly Harmless" by Douglas Adams