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Re: V12? Why not V10 twin-turbo? (fwd) (fwd) (fwd) (gesundheit!)

Once more, the noble, erudite (and probably handsome as hell)  Bill Van Bibber
comes to the old rutabegs's aid:

> Unka Bart wonders aloud, so I mayst pontificate:
> 928 engine weight
> -------------------
> 1978-79			573 pounds
> 80-81-82		540 pounds
> 83S			574 pounds
> 84S			574 pounds
> All weights are dry, according to the Engine manual, pages 0.3-0.15.
> Do I win the Geek-o-the-Week award?

Nay, kind sir, Au Contraire!  You have just earned the humanitarian-of-the-week 
award.  And you stand exposed for all the world to see, that you are a man of 
rare taste in fine german metal and encyclopedic knowledge; the very embodiment 
of chivalry, a truly noble spirit.

Ain't it a pity there's so few of us left...?

Yer Kindly (and not to mention, grateful) ol' Unka Bart 

PS - OK Eliot, I showed you mine, now lessee yours - he said with a huge grin
as he ambled off into the darkening ether...

SOB (same ol' Bart)