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Re: Mr. Lawton/QCUSA

"Glen Powell" edits a bit, and then editorializes:

A rather natural progression, I would think...

Perhaps Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart muddied the water by replying to Scott 
who chided whomever was so rude to Jeff:

> Scott, you are too kind by far, to the old kumquat.  

In this case, the "old kumquat" was a reference to Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart.

> You have said it eloquently and to the point.  I stand beside you, and join 
> you in saluting our brother, Jeff, not only for his amply demonstrated 
> committment to improving the QCUASA,
> but for his many invaluable contributions to this list, ever since I =
> joined it three years ago or more.

Nothing offensive to anyone in that paragraph that I can see...

> I must come to the defence of Mr. Lawton. I've met him and he is one =
> hell of a nice guy. I belive that his response to Jeff might have been a =
> little out of line, but then his response was also taken far to =
> seriously. 

I don't know what Mr. Lawton said, and I'm sure that if he's a member of this
list, then his bona-fides as an "all 'round good guy (tm)" are well established.

On the other hand, Jeff hasn't said anything that could remotely be constured
by anyone with the ability to read and comprehend English, as "whining."

If he said that, he's gonna have to deal with Sister Mary-Margret and her 
dreaded "knuckle-whanger," and have no one to thank but himself...

Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart